Friday, June 10, 2016

2016 Stock Market Simulation Winners

SMS School Year Winners – top three
1st Place:
Jefferson Middle School, Jefferson, WI  (team pictured below)  

2nd and 3rd Place:
Bruce Middle School, Bruce, WI

Quadruple J's - Winners of the 2016 Stock Market Simulation (SMS) Contest

Spring SMS Winners

Below are winners of the Spring 2016 Stock Market Simulation Contest. The winners, from Dodgeville High School, were treated to a trip to New York City and a tour of the New York Stock Exchange.

Economics Challenge 2016 Scores and Winners

2016 WI Econ Challenge - Milwaukee
Adam Smith Teams
Germantown High School—The Nominal Slim Shadys: 2595 + 25 (Quiz Bowl) = 2620 (First Place)
Wilmot Union High School—Oodles of Utils: 2535 + 35 (Quiz Bowl) = 2570 (Second Place)
Brookfield Academy—My Dear Boys and Girl: 2460 (Third Place)
Brookfield Academy—Team Out There: 2430
Badger High School—Too Big To Fail: 2370
Germantown High School—Curvy Models: 2305
Badger High School—Born Ready: 2265
Germantown High School—Dat A.S.: 2260
Germantown High School—Graphic Content: 2125
Badger High School—“Say What”: 2025
Menomonie Falls High School—Crowd You Out: 2005
Wilmot Union High School—Hayek-splosives: 1865
Badger High School— The Time is Now: 1695
Wilmot Union High School—Free Riders: 1690
Elkhorn High School—E Town Eagles: 1625
Elkhorn High School—Elkhorn Ninjas: 1435
Elkhorn High School—Elkhorn Scorpions: 1210
Wilmot Union High School—The Negative Externalities: 1075

David Ricardo Teams
Nicolet High School—The Invisible Elbow: 1810 + 60 (Quiz Bowl) = 1870 (First Place)
Kettle Moraine High School—Wolves of KM: 1530 – 10 (Quiz Bowl) = 1520 (Second Place)
Milwaukee Academy of Science High School—The Novas: 1390 (Third Place)
Milwaukee Academy of Science High School—KaNG: 1020
Milwaukee Academy of Science High School—Chicken Little: 910