Monday, April 27, 2015

Economics for Opinion Leaders - Journalists and Media Professionals

Please join presenters, Mark Schug and Scott Niederjohn for a two-day professional development workshop on economics on Monday and Tuesday, June 22 and 23.  This presentation will be in the Library at the University Club of Milwaukee. the cost to attend is $100. Registration can be made online.

This award-winning seminar features presenters who are talented and experienced economists with a unique ability to help understand and communicate economic principles in ways that are powerful, entertaining, and engaging to non-economists.

Media and corporate communications professionals, and other professionals who deal with evolving developments and the media, are deluged with daily reports on issues that have important economic implications. You’ll come away better able to make sense of the numbers, logic, and opinions on today’s critical economic developments. You’ll also be better able to anticipate their consequences, frame your questions, and articulate your own position.

A Scoop for Wisconsin Journalists Attending this Seminar 

Andrew Zimbalist, Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics at Smith College, is one of the nation’s most prominent sports economists. He will speak exclusively to media professionals at this seminar on the costs and benefits of public funding of sports stadiums including the proposed new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. A Q&A session will follow. The economic insights provided by Professor Zimbalist might be the basis for a unique story for your media outlet. 

Other topics covered:
  • Does the minimum wage do more harm than good? 
  • What is the current state of the U.S. economy in terms of growth, unemployment and inflation?
  • Is free trade out of date?
  • Is the Fed feeding inflation?
  • Should we worry about income inequality?
  • How do the economies in Europe, Asia and elsewhere effect the U.S.?
  • How do intended and unintended economic consequences evolve?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 Wisconsin Economics Challenge

March 26, 27, and 30, EconomicsWisconsin hosted the 2015 Wisconsin Economics Challenge in

Oshkosh, Milwaukee, and Eau Claire. One-hundred and thirty students from 16 Wisconsin high schools participated in a day of testing their micro, macro, international, and current affair economic knowledge.

The Economics Challenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of economic concepts in a fun and competitive atmosphere. High school students from across the state competed with one another through written examinations, a Super Quiz, and a Quiz Bowl. All students received T-shirts and winning teams were awarded cash prizes and medals. Raffles and other prizes were handed out throughout the day as well.

Each region awarded a first, second, and third place team. A state winner was awarded based on points of the first four rounds. The state winners in each division were invited to participate in the National Semi-Finals. The National Semi-Finals is to take place on Tuesday, April 14 at the winner’s schools.

Congratulations to all that participated!

Oshkosh winners are:

Adam Smith Teams
First Place - Marathon High School—Team Ponzi Schemers
Second Place - DePere High School— Team DePere High School

David Ricardo Teams
First Place - Seymour High School—Team Preferred Stock
Second Place - Marathon High School—Team Moral Hazard
Third Place - Clinton High School— Team Dismal Science Players

Milwaukee winners are:

Adam Smith Teams
First Place - Wilmot Union High School – Team The Barriers to Entry
Second Place - Badger High School—Team Born Ready
Third Place - Pewaukee High School—Team The Friendship Brigade

David Ricardo Teams
First Place - Nicolet High School—Team Ricky’s Ricardo
Second Place - Kettle Moraine High School—Team The Marxmen
Third Place - Brookfield Academy—Team The Munchkins

Eau Claire winners are:

Adam Smith Teams
First Place - New Richmond High School—Team Rock-on Econ
Second Place - Stanley-Boyd High School— Team Tschind
Third Place - Northwestern High School—Team Bold

David Ricardo Teams
First Place - Stanley-Boyd High School—Team Monkey See
Second Place - Stanley-Boyd High School— Team Flying Squirrels
Third Place - Northwestern High School—Team Gold

Congratulations to the 2015 Wisconsin State Winners:

Adam Smith Division
First place -Wilmot Union High School, Advisor Melinda Unger
Team The Barriers to Entry (Samantha Schroeder, Brendan Buhler, Rebecca Boyle, Ethan Dowell)

Second place - Badger High School, Advisor Mike Butscher
Team Born Ready (Sam Lasch, Aleah Haworth, Gaven Dooley, Alex Kuik)

Third place – New Richmond High School, Advisor Ann Scharfenberg
Team Rock-on Econ (Elliot Smallidge, Anna Starks, Allyson Halonen, James Early)

David Ricardo Division
First place –Nicolet High School, Advisor Sue Bolly
Team Ricky’s Ricardo (Pam Mann, Quinn Rosen, Nell Murphy)

Second place –Seymour High School, Advisors Staci Severt and Zach RoweTeam Preferred Stock (Frank VanEss, Michaela Thurow, Kort Driessen, Cassie Piette)
Third place – David Ricardo – Kettle Moraine High School / Team The Marxmen (Niklas Vakil, Trevor Ross, Nicholas Patnode)

The National Economics Challenge will be broadcast live on Monday, May 18 at 1 PM EST via the CEE's Facebook page:

For more information on the Wisconsin State Econ Challenge, visit

A special thank you to our Economics Challenge sponsors, Xcel Energy and The Arnold & Lois Domer Foundation, in addition to Dr. Brian Schultz, Director of our Center for Economic Education at UW-River Falls, who has skillfully led the Economics Challenge for the past several years.