Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The 2015 Community Economic Explortion Project

Bringing the Community into the Classroom

This project encourages student teams to get out into their community and network with local business professionals as well as local government leaders and report their findings online. Students are required to conduct research of their community’s economy by interviewing stakeholders as well as looking into economic statistics of their area. The students’ findings should be complied into an attractive presentation using a web-based platform of their choice. Student teams are also required to make economic projections about their community based upon their findings.

How do I begin?
After the students are divided into teams of 2 to 4, their community should be defined. The students could agree to keep their community to the school district, the city or village limits, or a 25 mile radius. The community should not be larger than a county.

Introducing the Economy
Ask your students to name the businesses that make up their local economy. More often than not, they’ll name the top producers or chain stores, but remember the entrepreneurs in the community.  It is beneficial to the students to have a complete listing of the local businesses and this may take some research by the teacher.

Conducting Interviews
Before beginning the interview process, students should be informed of proper etiquette for interviews as well as brainstorming questions to ask.  Interviews can be done by the student teams or in the classroom setting. It may be beneficial to combine the two aspects and have a bigger business come into the classroom to present to the students.

Compiling the Results
After the statistical data is gathered and the interviews are conducted, the next step would be for the teams to compile the data and make their economic predictions. The rubric and outline of the project defines what data should be included. As far as presenting the data, EconomicsWisconsin requires a web link to the project.

Projects are due March 11, 2015.  Please email the links to
Please refer to the outline and rubric for a complete listing of the information required to complete this project.
  • First place - $750
  • Second Place - $500
  • Third Place - $250
Deadline for submissions is March 11, 2015