Friday, April 20, 2012

The Association of Private Enterprise Education Recognizes Mark C. Schug with Kent-Aronoff Award

A photo of APEE President Benjamin Powell of Suffolk University (left) presenting the 2012 Kent-Aronoff Award to Mark C. Schug (right) on April 3, 2012 in Las Vegas
Mark C. Schug of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was honored with the Kent-Aronoff Award during the Association's international conference April 3, 2012 in LasVegas, Nevada.
The Kent-Aronoff Award honors and recognizes a member of APEE who, over a sustained and continuous period of time, has given unselfishly of himself to the growth and perpetuation of the organization. Individuals who receive the Kent-Aronoff Award have made the personal sacrifices of their time and talent to see that the organization continues to flourish. Such recipients serve both as a beacon and a harbor for those who support the American Free Enterprise System and are involved in programs that seek to see the system continue.

Link to the press release.